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Car keys, smart keys, key fobs, proximity keys, chip keys, keyless go, etc.

The list goes on & on . There's  no way around it these days. It's to help prevent car theft. It's here to stay & it's not going back to the old days. Needing to replace lost car keys can be a hassle sometimes. Finding a cheap locksmith or a cheap car key replacement service can be a even greater hassle.

If you decide to purchase a remote or key online, do your research 1st!  You may just be wasting time and money. Some companies will not cut a key that's purchased from another source. Call around before you buy to see what company will be able to help you out.

Losing Your Car Keys

Do you own a Honda and do you need a copy of your car key? Are you driving around with a broken Honda key, taped or glued together? Well, 215 Car Keys is the company for you! We provide lost car keys and remotes in the Philadelphia, PA area; and we have a permanent solution for your broken Honda key. Our staff is the most highly trained staff when it comes to car keys replacement, so no matter what you are searching for in your locksmith, we will exceed your expectation with flying colors!

Getting locked out of your own car can be both frustrating and embarrassing. If you’re locked out with the keys locked inside your Honda vehicle, don’t get panicked or frustrated. As, for a fact, you’re not the first person to have done such a thing. Someone gets locked out of the car almost every hour around the country.

But before you do something rash and try to retrieve keys locked in the car, try imaging what you will end up with after you retrieve them. Most probably a cracked window, a deformed door sill or probably police detention if you happen to be doing it at the wrong place at the wrong time. So unless you have the right equipment or the right experience, forget using the hammer to retrieve your keys locked in the car for now.

The most obvious thing you can do is call up your spouse or someone at home to bring you the spare keys if you’re stuck somewhere nearby. This does consume a lot of time, but trust me this is actually much better than trying to crack open the door with a polo mallet or a baseball bat to get the locked keys in the car. But if you have no other spare key or lost in the middle of nowhere, it is best to call the authorities before you can try anything to obtain the keys locked in the car.

Calling the police would be a great option, but if they don’t have the right equipment, they will obviously get the car towed back to the station where a professional may be called upon to get the locked keys in the car. This will consume an enormous amount of time and will completely ruin your day. So call the police only if you’re completely stuck in the middle of nowhere. Else it would be much wiser to call a local locksmith service to get the keys locked in the car for you.

So essentially, unlocking and retrieving locked or broken keys in the car are best left to the experts if you’re not sure on how to unlock it yourself. Hiring a professional locksmith in a case of no spare key situation is also a viable and inexpensive option.

We have experienced the pain and struggle associated with losing your car keys.

Losing the car keys to your Honda can be very frustrating, and at 215 Car Keys, we understand that it’s hard to get by in life without your car! That’s why we will do our best to get your Honda’s car keys copied as fast as possible for your convenience.

If you’re looking to buy Honda car keys to replace lost or broken Honda keys, or if you are locked out of your vehicle and seek help, we can assist you. We are the experts when it comes to remote car keys, and this includes Honda car keys and more. Whether you are locked out of your house and desire to get back in, or have lost your Honda car keys and need replacements, we will provide you with a wide variety of products and services with expertise to make sure your vehicle security and safety is a top priority.

If you happen to be looking for keys for other types of cars, 215 CAR KEYS can provide more than just Honda car keys.

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