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If you decide to glue your Honda remote key back together, that's only a very temporary situation. It will not hold for long. On top of that, if glue gets onto the case that contains the remote portion circuit board, it's glued shut. You will not be able to change the battery in the remote if it dies. If you do get it open (if you're lucky enough) the case is going to be damage so it won't go back together correctly to operate.

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Are you driving around with a broken Honda key? Taped or glued together?

Factory original remote head Honda keys with this particular button configuration (either 3 or 4 button) break all of the time. We have the permanent fix for your broken Honda key.

 Honda remote key programming.

This is a common problem for the factory Honda key remote breaking.

Get this new key or get stranded !

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Here are a few things to look out for on your current Honda remote key.

  • 1. If you have multiple keys on your key ring that has your Honda remote ignition key on it, you could actually be causing an additional problem (besides your remote breaking away from the brass blade of the key). You're adding more weight/pressure than necessary inside of the ignition cylinder. Instead of the key sitting in a straight, inline position, this additional weight/pressure will force the head of the key to pull downwards a bit & the blade of the key that's in the ignition to raise up a bit. Over a long period of time, this will cause some of the wafers/tumblers in the ignition to become more worn than others & sometimes stuck or bent. When this occurs, the key will not turn in the ignition. (beside this, some Honda ignitions have a high failure rate as it is. But that's a different story)
  • 2. When your Honda remote key breaks, you may not even know when it happens. You may have the metal blade & can't find the black remote portion. Or have the remote portion & not the metal blade. We've seen both situations occur. There are multiple parts to some of the Honda remote head keys.  Some of the remote head Honda keys look identical on the outside, but are totally different when the case is opened. Some have the actual transponder/chip integrated onto the circuit board of the keyless entry remote portion. Some have the chip separated from the remote control. Sometimes, when the remote breaks, the actual transponder/chip falls out & can't be located. If that happens, you'll never be able to start the car again without getting a new transponder key programmed to your car. This is just another reason why you shouldn't put off getting a spare remote Honda key.
  • 3. If the above takes place, that will put you in entirely different situation that you don't want to be in. And that's being stuck somewhere & not having a spare key to your car. Then calling a company to make a replacement car key, & start praying that you don't get ripped off.

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