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We provide spare Mercedes keys / fobs (remotes) for various models (not all models) from 2000 to 2012. Even if the Benz that you have currently has a salvage title. If you're buying a Mercedes here in the Philadelphia, PA area & planning to ship it over seas, you definitely need to get a spare Mercedes key prior to shipping.

We are a mobile service. We're like a shop on wheels. You can meet one of our technicians on the road or we can make arrangements to have them come to you. All services are by appointment only.


This service is for "spare" Mercedes keys / fobs only. You must have a fully working key / fob that allows you to actually start & drive your Mercedes Benz for us to supply you with a spare Mercedes key. You also should have a properly charged & working battery in your Mercedes.

Spare Mercedes Key: Process

The process for the spare key /fob can take over an hour to complete, so please keep this mind. Don't expect this to be a 5 minute process. Make sure you make the necessary arrangements for this. Sometimes we make have to hook up a battery maintainer to keep the proper voltage due to the length of time of the process. So, also keep this in mind as well. This may not always be necessary.

Our technicians will need to gain access to the driver seat & front passenger seats of your Mercedes. We advise that the Benz should be unoccupied. Nothing should be taken apart on your vehicle to provide the spare Mercedes key. Everything is done by computer.

Currently we don't provide the smart key with the Keyless Go option (Push To Start). However, some of the Mercedes that have the Push To Start button (prior to 2012) can actually have this button removed & you can insert the fob into the same slot that the button came out of to start the vehicle.

We will keep you posted once we have the Keyless Go smart fobs. They look exactly identical to the current smart keys / fobs.

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